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The XD-600 automatic depalletizer is mainly suitable for automatic depalletizing of complete piles of tinplate (pop can) empty cans. It hoists pile by pile the empty cans palletized on the pallets from bottom to top and then pushes them onto the conveying chain way.Used together with the empty can spray washer, it can replace manual can arrangement and traditional empty can unloader,saving a lot of manpower and increasing production capacity.

During the work, the forklift puts the pallets where empty cans are palletized onto the pallet conveyor, and the conveyor will convey them to the pallet lift platform of the main machine. The pallet lift platform is used to send the positioned empty cans to the can unloading height. When the empty cans are unloaded, the empty pallets will fall and be put onto the convey. All the rising and falling actions are controlled by the self-locking lift system device. The rising or falling speed can be separately adjusted to meet the operation needs. During the empty can unloading, the motor drives the chain wheel and chain device to push the cans, and then the full piles of the empty cans will be pushed onto the net conveyor, and will return to the preparation position and continue to push out the next pile. All action positioning is controlled by the photoelectric switch. The can unloading with continuous actions or single circulating mode can be selected.

The pile feeding direction, can discharging direction and operation panel position of the machine can be flexibly changed according touser requirements.

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