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China beverage processing equipment specifications most complete, the largest variety, one of the oldest enterprises, and Australia's ASD companies to introduce the world's advanced technology, specializing in manufacturing food and beverage complete sets of equipment.
1. Free to help install, responsible for debugging, a full set of equipment warranty for one year. After the expiration of warranty, our company assists users in repairing every year and provides wearing parts at cost price all year round.
2 free internship conditions, on behalf of training production technical personnel to help users complete the trial production.
3. Free to provide a variety of high-quality beverage formulations, perennial free drink production technical advice and provide market information.
4. Where the purchase of beverage equipment in our company, the use of three years will be exempt from all work-hours to provide overhaul once.
5. My company owns an experienced Russian maintenance team, perennial majority of users of beverage equipment to provide professional maintenance services and only received parts and components costs.
6. Free for the majority of users throughout the country to provide agency shipping services.
7. For the user plant design, engineering design and turnkey projects.


SAWEI More than 80%materials  of the parts in our products come from word-famous manufacturers

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Board Chairman&General Manager:Zhang XiuFeng Add:Sanxin Town of Zhangjiagang,Jiangsu Province,P.R.China.
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