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1. The machine adopts human-computer interface to control the whole working procedures,auto-loading,auto blowing,auto dropping. Action cylinders are all assembled with magnetic induction switches. Connect with PLC to control every step and tast every cylinder. Next action will continue after the former step done. If former step is not finished alarm automatically and do not work. PLC displays problem position

2. Fast speed accurate position smooth action

3. according to special demand adopt cross double crank pressed clamping with strong clamping force. Mould open strike can be adjustable

according to the bottle size to save the time

4. Farinfrated heater lamps have strong penetrations,preforms are heated uniformly while rotating. PLC or electronic pressure adjustor

controls each group of temperature separately

5. Particular pre-heater design makes preform close while heating. Change space shorten tunnel and reduce energy consumption according

to the bottle size while blowing

6. The air supply system consists of slight blow, high pressure blow, low pressure actions,to supply enough air for different products

7. Automatic lubrication oil device protects the machine well

8. Production workmanship process fully automatic to make best quality and pollution-free.it holds less investment, high efficiency, easy

operation, simple repair, safety etc.

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