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Auto Carton Filler is new products in my company, which is designed & manufactured on the base of

Advanced technology from Italy. It is the most advanced carton filler in Chinese market at present.

Main technical features:

1. According to the packing requirements can automatically will product consolidation arrngement;

2. Bottle inlet and carton feed are driven separately using inverter to regulate speed freely.

3.It could be applicable for all kinds bottle. Adjustment between different bottles is very easy.

4. Bottle clip built-in rubber prevent damage bottles.

5. Multi protective devices, The whole machine runs automatically. Main technical specifications:

1. Capacity: 8-15boxs/min

2. Applicable Bottle: glass bottle PET bottle and can

3. Power supply: AC 380V 50Hz/60Hz

4. Compressed air: 0.1m^/min at 6-8 bar

5. Weight: 2850kg

6. Dimensions: 1 2500x3200x2300mm

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