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1 .Chemical method to produce CO2:

Food grade CO2,which is special for soft drinks, sparkling wine ,it main from alcoholic fermentation,

chemical plant waste gas, acid-base method produced carbon dioxide (CO2). For remote transportation

industry or relatively backward countries and regions, the acid-base produces carbon dioxide (CO2) is

more commonly used. Principle of acid-base reaction method produces carbon dioxide (CO2) is the use

of sulfuric acid (C6H8〇7) and sodium bicarbonate (NaHCCh) to produce carbon dioxide (CO2),the

reaction equation:

3NaHC〇3+ C6H8〇7^C6H5〇7Na3+3H20 + 3C〇2 T

Carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by this reaction, there will be some acid mist mixed which often can not

reach the aforementioned purity of carbon dioxide (CO2), it should be purified by several filters before

being used in beverage producing.The acid-base reaction carbon dioxide preparation system is mainly composed of carbon dioxide

generator,floating gas tank, compression, cooling and drying machine, adsorption, molecular sieve

drying, liquefaction, storage tank, filling, electrical control unit.

2.Liquid carbon dioxide preparation process:

The CO2 recovery unit composed of a carbon dioxide generator, floating gas tank, compression, cooling and drying machine, adsorption, molecular sieve drying device,liquefaction,filling,storage tank, electrical control unit, for recovering the carbon dioxide produced in the acid-base reaction process, and purification for the food grade carbon dioxide, the specific process is as follows: Concentrated sulfuric acid with sodium bicarbonate reactive, sulfate, water and carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide compressed by non-oil lubricated compressor to 2.0Mpa,there a airbag provided between the carbon dioxide compressor, in order to guarantee the stability of the dioxide compressor.

Compressed gas through the cooling and drying machine, the adsorption towers and drying tower further purified carbon dioxide,the purified carbon dioxide in condenser condensed into liquid -18 °C degree.The liquid carbon dioxide fill into the storage tank , when the user needs to use the gas, liquid carbon dioxide is heated by the vaporizer regulator becomes carbon dioxide gas,and to the pressure

required by the decompression valve.if client need filling device, the users need the filling pump for filling liquid carbon dioxide into the air cylinder.

4.Main Technical parameters

(1) 、CO2 production capacity: 50kg/h

(2) v CO2 recovery rate: >90%

(3) v Work pressure: 2.0MPa

⑷、Liquid CO2 storage temp: -18°c

(5) 、Liquid CO2 tank volume: 1m3

(6) , Purified CO2 purity: 99.97%-99.99%

(7) , CO2 output pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa

⑻、CO2 purity: 99.5%

(9) , Water pressure: >0.2MPa

(10) 、Tower supply: 3Phase-380-50Hz

ill)、Total power: 20KW

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