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No bottle (can),no liquid nitrogen injection (pulse injetction mode),to reduce consumption of liquid nitrogen, save operating cost.

Vacuum insulation on the system is to reduce dailyevaporation rate down to 0.15L/hour, save operating cost.

Nozzle nitrogen blanketing system is to prevent air from invading into inside of nozzle, avoid being frozen in it.

Liquid nitrogen level positioning and controling system To stablize level and pressure in tank, in order to increase dosing precision of liquid nitrogen. In the meantime, reduce flash loss of liquid nitorgen. level of liquid nitrogen is controled by power system Liquid-gas separator is to assure the liquid nitrogen is always in super cold status, improve quality of liquid phase, it contributes to improve dosing precision.

Buffer nitrogen filling method could effectively prevent liquid nitrogen to spill out, stability to pick up liquid and

pressure in tank..

It equips with a filter (Optional item) to remove pacticle pollution.

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